Rotate and Balance

There is a warning sign that flashes on my dashboard whenever my tire rotation and oil change is due. Every 3,000 miles, my tires must be balanced and rotated. Once I asked the mechanic if it was really necessary. Could I just skip it and save money? I knew I needed the oil change but the balance rotating thing sounded like a bit too much. He told me that if the tires are not balanced, the suspension system would be affected. Plus, my tires would not last as long. I would end up spending far more money than I would have originally. It made perfect sense once he explained it. Just like tires, we need balance. When we are not aligned, everything starts to be out of order. Sometimes we end up spiraling out of control. When I am out of balance, I make hasty decisions. I overthink and I end up down a rabbit hole due to self-created scenarios of chaos and doom.

Last week I needed to schedule an appointment. I am a creature of habit. I need the same people to provide the same services every time. A routine has been established, a relationship has been built, trust has been developed. So, if I can’t make my appointment with the same person, I freak out. For this particular appointment that I was trying to schedule online, it appeared that the person would be out of the office until August. It is June. August! My mind went into freak out mode. I can’t find a new person. I don’t have time. What is going on? Will she ever return? What if I don’t like the new person? My life is ruined. It was all super melodramatic. Apparently, in my multitasking haste, I clicked on the wrong screen. When I contacted the person and asked for a referral, she was completely confused. She walked me through the scheduled steps, and voila, I was able to make an appointment. I worried myself senseless for no reason. Had I slowed down and taken my time, followed my normal strategies for balance and de-stress, none of this would have happened.

This sad scenario reminded me that we all need balance to perform at our best. I have to take breaks, I have to write, I have to read and I absolutely must zone out for a couple hours on some captivating television series. Right now, I am watching “The Bridge.” There is drama, murder, revenge — everything you need to maintain a healthy balance in life. It may not be “The Bridge” for you but make sure it is something, something that allows you to breathe for a second and take your mind off of the weight of the world. Everyone deserves a little time to themselves. When someone tells me how they worked two shifts or worked through the entire weekend, I am actually not impressed. I am concerned. We need balance. That is when we are our best. I was recently having a conversation with a person and she kept getting alerts on her phone. At one point, I just stopped and looked at her, puzzled. She explained that she has her device set up to get all of the alerts from work, at any time of the day. It is one thing to check in or check your email periodically, but it is completely something else when you hear a beep and bolt into action to solve the latest crisis that really wasn’t a crisis. Someone just needed a copy of a document. We must stop and take mental and physical breaks. We deserve it. It is not selfish to take time for yourself, it is mandatory for productivity. I truly don’t think people will remember how much you worked; they will remember how you were able to be attentive, take care and support them when they needed you. Because you found balance.

Tanesha Russell Yusuf

Tanesha Russell Yusuf

T.R.Y. Life learner, mother, daughter, poet, teacher, rights crusader. Always on a mission.